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Sakura Gakuin Forum Rules Empty Sakura Gakuin Forum Rules

Post by sfs02 on Tue Jan 29, 2013 6:04 pm

Sakura Gakuin Forum Rules

Read carefully! Read carefully!
Read carefully! Read carefully!
Read carefully! Read carefully!

A. General Rules

1. Respect the other users. Never use rude words that can cause misunderstanding in the forum. Once again, always respect each other.
2. Use any username that you like as long as it not contains any rude words or pornography. And never copycat someone’s identity.
3. You are restricted to use one ID in this forum. So “clones” are prohibited!
4. If you break point no 3 your clone ID will be banned
5 DO NOT posting any, Junk, Flood, and OOT (Out Of Topic) posts. Well, troll is ok though.
6. I repeat, never post any junk, flood, or OOT post! It will delete without any confirmation.
7. No Double Posts, Triple Posts, combo 4, combo 5, and soon. Admins or Mods will delete it without any confirmation.
8. Use spoiler BB code if you want to post BWK images or any information that contains spoilers
9. never ever to disrespect other idol group
10. Rules may change depend on the situation

B. New Topic dan Posting

1. Make any topics or posts to the designated forum.
2. DO NOT fvcking SPAM
3. DO NOT Flamming
4. DO NOT post any pornography materials!

C. Avatar and Signature

1. Never use any pornographic photo as your avatar and signature

D. Warning System

1.If you broke any of the rules above you will get a warning from Admin or Mod
2. Bagi member yang sudah diberikan peringatan namun masih melakukan hal serupa,akan diberikan peringatan kedua/ ban temporary max 3 hari
If the warned member still broke the rules, 3 days banned is inevitable.
3. Still broke the rule? Fvcking permanent banned!!

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